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Hi-Fi Racks Omnium8

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The Omnium 8 is a modular rack crafted from Solid Oak or Hardwood. It is offered in two versions: bolted legs or spiked legs, with customisable leg length. Like all Hi-Fi Racks products, the Omnium8 is individually handcrafted in their workshop using the finest solid oak, providing top-notch audio performance. It boasts soft, rounded edges and optional hexagonal openings for cable management. The rack's tier is made of 27mm-thick wood, placing it between Hi-Fi Racks' existing 22mm and 40mm thickness tiers.

The Omnium8's standard size is 567mm wide by 460mm deep, but as with any Hi-Fi Racks product, it can be built to any size and number of tiers to meet your exact specifications, with any leg length available at no extra cost. Each level is crafted with 27mm solid oak hardwood, providing a stable hi-fi stand that absorbs vibrations for optimum performance. The rack comes with removable solid hardwood legs in various shapes and sizes, which can be customised to fit your equipment and environment perfectly, with the right amount of clearance for heat ventilation.

Changeable legs allow for future upgrades, enabling you to update and change your rack with longer or shorter legs or add extra tiers as needed. The Omnium8's modular construction makes it easy to add new legs or tiers as your equipment grows. You can customise the rack's width, depth, or height to fit your equipment or the available space. You can also choose to have the rack with or without cable management on any combination of tiers.

The Omnium8 is made from 27mm solid oak hardwood and is available in various finish options, including Natural Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Satin Black, Gloss Black, Satin White, and Gloss White. The rack can support up to 90kg per tier and comes with cable management at no extra cost, built into the plinths at the rear of the rack, which looks like a diamond cut-out. The isolation plinths on the Omnium8 can be manufactured from 22mm or 27mm thickness solid oak.

Please enquire for current availability of finishes and to specify any customisation options.