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SPECIAL OFFER - MOON 240i Integrated Amplifier with DAC

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After many years of faithful service Simaudio's excellent MOON 240i Integrated Amplifier has now been discontinued. As a special offer, we have 3 sealed-box units in 2-Tone finish available at the incredible price of £1,900, complete with a full 10-year warranty.

As you would expect, the sound quality is all MOON: organic and detailed, with exceptionally well-controlled and tuneful bass, coupled with a wide and airy soundstage. In a nutshell, music comes alive. With a sturdy 50 watt amplifier, moving magnet phono stage, a hi-resolution DAC with 5 digital inputs and a crystal clear OLED display, what more could you wish for?

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** Available while stocks last. Discontinued in UK **