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SALE - Franz Ferdinand - Tonight [Deluxe 7" Vinyl LP Box Set]

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Franz Ferdinand - Tonight - Limited Edition Deluxe 7" Vinyl LP Box Set

Limited Edition Deluxe 7" 6LP, CD & DVD Box Set


  • The Album "Tonight" on Six Jukebox 7" Singles & CD
  • "Blood" - The "Tonight" Dub Versions on CD
  • "Between Summertown & Merryland" - The film of the making of "Tonight" on DVD
  • Exclusive Franz Ferdinand Dink to play your 7"s on a standard record player
  • 24-Page Hardback Book


Tonight: Franz Ferdinand    
CD1-1    Ulysses
CD1-2    Turn It On
CD1-3    No You Girls
CD1-4    Send Him Away
CD1-5    Twilight Omens
CD1-6    Bite Hard
CD1-7    What She Came For
CD1-8    Live Alone
CD1-9    Can't Stop Feeling
CD1-10    Lucid Dreams
CD1-11    Dream Again
CD1-12    Katherine Kiss Me

CD2-1    Feel The Pressure
CD2-2    Die On The Floor
CD2-3    The Vaguest Of Feeling
CD2-4    If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can
CD2-5    Katherine Hit Me
CD2-6    Backwards On My Face
CD2-7    Feeling Kind Of Anxious
CD2-8    Feel The Envy

DVD-1    Between Summertown And Merryland (The Making Of 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand')   
DVD-2    Tonight - Band Commentary
DVD-3.1    Ulysses (Band Rehearsal)
DVD-3.2    No You Girls
DVD-3.3    Dream Again
DVD-3.4    Katherine Kiss Me  
DVD-4    Photo Gallery

A    Ulysses
B    Turn It On
C    No You Girls
D    Send Him Away
E    Twilight Omens
F    Bite Hard
G    What She Came For
H    Live Alone
I    Can't Stop Feeling
J    Lucid Dreams
K    Dream Again
L    Katherine Kiss Me

2009 Domino Release - WIG205X
UPC: 5034202020530