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Audiovector Onwall, Inwall & Inceiling Loudspeakers

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The approach to Audiovector’s R-Series Inwall, Onwall and Inceiling speaker designs are the same that they apply to all of their R-products.

These speakers deliver a wonderfully big and open sound based on Audiovector’s no-compromise philosophy in concept, quality materials and fine-tuning. Because they have been developed for high-end music reproduction (both with and without an added subwoofer) these speakers are also a great solution for office spaces, home cinemas, property projects, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, kitchens and much more.

Audiovector’s new wall speakers have their own specifically fine-tuned cabinets for optimum performance. For stereo installation, their unique midrange arrangement – which cancels unwanted wall reflections – has been designed to offer the sound equivalent to a pair of speakers positioned away from the wall into the room.

The speakers have a 3-way system featuring a single high excursion bass driver and double midrange drivers that act as both highly revealing and detailed midrange drivers and as reflection-cancelling units. Audiovector uses its own hand-built Evotech soft dome tweeters in the Signature model and its' in-house designed and built AMT drivers in the Avantgarde and Arreté models. Both tweeters are fast, detailed, non-fatiguing and radiate into a double rear chamber to significantly reduce distortion.

Custom piano colours available on request.