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Audiovector QR Wall Loudspeaker

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The QR Wall is an attractive compact wall speaker which works equally well as side or rear unit in a surround sound system – but also as stereo speakers for small rooms, kitchens, etc. Again, it includes the advanced drivers the QR-series is famous for. It can be switched between ’direct mode’ (OFF) and ‘diffuse mode’ (ON) for a more open sound, which makes it the most versatile compact speaker available. Together with the new QR Sub, the QR walls form a powerful and compact stereo system.

The fascia plate is machined from a single piece of Aerospace Grade Aluminium. It has been precision machined, glass blasted, brushed and then anodized in an attractive Tungsten Titanium Grey colour. It features a rose gold-plated dispersion mesh, which works as an S-Stop filter.

The Audiovector drive unit has the ability to work like a perfect piston over several octaves of the frequency band without the distortion normally found in aluminium/diamond drive units. This means music sounds warm, precise and detailed, yet dynamic and musical.

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