Audiovector R1 Arrete Bookshelf Loudspeaker

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The R1 Series from Audiovector delivers a speedy response with great details and dynamics. The design makes handling of percussions and bass notes easy in a clean and natural way. These 2-way, rear-ported stand-mount speakers, use a non-parallel tear drop design to minimize internal standing waves. The R1 series uses many concepts derived from its bigger siblings, the R3 & R6.

The R1 Series delivers a precise soundstage with nerve and punch belying their actual size. These small wonders will leave the listener wanting for more. The Audiovector Freedom Grounding system eliminates distortion and improves overtones, lowers the noise floor and increases image depth and focus. Only on Arreté models, it brings these loudspeakers yet another step closer to perfection. 

In order to take full advantage of the Audiovector Air Motion Transformer (AMT) ribbon tweeters and the hand assembled mid/bass drivers made with carbon fibre and composite aramid membranes, the front baffle is narrow. The result is a smooth, broad, precise sound diffusion, which keeps unwanted diffraction distortion to an absolute minimum.