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Audiovector R 1 Avantgarde Loudspeaker

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Compact High-End Performers

The R 1 Series delivers a speedy response with great details and dynamics. The design makes handling of percussions and bass notes easy in a clean and natural way. These 2-way, rear-ported stand-mount speakers, use a non-parallel teardrop design to minimize internal standing waves. Using many concepts derived from their bigger siblings, R 6 & R 3, the R 1 Series delivers a precise soundstage with nerve and punch belying their actual size. These small wonders will leave the listener wanting more. 

In order to take full advantage of the Audiovector tweeters and the hand-assembled mid/bass drivers made with Aramid Composite membranes, the front baffle is narrow. The result is a smooth, broad, precise sound diffusion, which keeps unwanted diffraction distortion to an absolute minimum.

Audiovector’s Concepts

Individual Upgrade Concept A technology which gives you the option to upgrade your speakers whenever you want. You can upgrade to a higher level or if your loudspeakers are replaced with a new improved model. This means that all Audiovector speakers are future proof.

Low Compression Concept A technology which allows the membranes of the drivers to move freely under all kinds of demanding conditions. This means that your Audiovector speakers will stay faithful to whatever signal they are fed – no matter how loud and complicated the material.

Soundstage Enhancement Concept This concept allows you to choose where you want to be positioned when you listen. This technology means the soundstage stays intact, wherever you are positioned. The sound fills a room in an incredible manner, giving the listener a realistic “live sound” experience.

No Energy Drive units sound best if they do not have to ‘carry’ the weight of the speaker cabinet to which they are fixed. This is a question of transient response. Inspired by the solutions from the Audiovector R 11 Arreté, we have managed to use the NES concept to achieve an even higher level of realism and open soundstage from our speakers.


  • R AMT 
  • Audiovector Carbon Drivers
  • Titanium technology coils
  • DFF cross-over technology
  • Laminated baffles
  • Non-parallel surfaces


  • Frequency response (in room): 40-53,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 87 Db/W/M
  • Impedance:  8 Ohms
  • Power Handling: 160 W
  • X-over frequencies: 3000 Hz
  • Principle: 2-way
  • Bass System: Bass reflex
  • Bass / Mid drivers: 6.5’’ carbon
  • Treble driver: R AMT
  • Height / width / depth (cm): 37 / 19.6/ 29


5-year warranty

Custom finishes (painted in Denmark) available on request from £650.

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