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Audiovector R 8 Arreté Loudspeaker

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A True High-End Performer

It is a delicate balance combining Audiovector's award-winning 8”+6” down-firing isobaric compound bass system with a new midrange topology and a 4" rear-firing bass/midrange driver. All seamlessly integrated with the new quasi-rear firing R-AMT Integrator tweeter. The use of cryogenically treated 7-nines pure copper asymmetrical wiring and Audiovector Nanopore damping material gives a smooth and natural musical reproduction.

The new Carbon Driver has been engineered to improve on Audiovector's already class-leading drive units. Precision-woven aramid fibres, sandwiched with artificial wood resin form lighter, stiffer and acoustically dead membranes to produce a fast and uncoloured sound. New Titanium Tech voice coils use the metal’s unique lightness and non-magnetic properties to eliminate distortion effects.

The Freedom Grounding system, invented and engineered by Audiovector, is also a complex distortion-eliminating construction. The currents running between the chassis are processed and dealt with through a new separate crossover, which routes the signal to the ground terminal of your wall socket or your grounded mains distribution unit. Contrary to conventional wisdom, these currencies will cause colouration and distortion between the drive units. By balancing and filtering these through a dedicated separate filter and by offering a connection from speakers to earth/ground, Audiovector have achieved a very clean, very accurate sound which will have improved overtones, lower noise floor, increased image depth with tighter focus and a broader soundstage. You will also find that pace, dynamics and musical expression have surpassed existing standards.

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Custom finishes for the R 8 Arreté are available on request.