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Boenicke W13 Loudpseakers

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 Sensitivity: 86 – 89 dB / watt / m, depending on frequency

Nom. impedance: 6 ohms

SE Version

  • Twin 13″ long throw bass drivers with ultra hard injection moulded diaphragm in sealed enclosure, driven by 2 x 350 W Class D amplifier module with programmable DSP and 4 user-selectable presets for optimal integration in any listening room
  • 6″ custom-made woodcone bass-midrange driver with 16-cm electromechanical parallel spiral resonator, 1st order low pass filter, no high pass filter, ash tree phase plug, magnet structure force fit mounted to the whole wooden mass of enclosure
  • 3″ custom-made widebander, 1st order high pass filter, unique 16-cm electromechanical parallel spiral resonator installed
  • Lessloss C-Marc internal wiring
  • WBT NextGen binding posts
  • Rear ambient tweeter
  • Added latest generation Bybee Quantum Purifiers
  • Added proprietary phase linearization network
  • Mundorf Silver Gold Oil capacitor for widebander
  • Added Duelund Tinned Copper Foil 0.01 uF bypass capacitor
  • Swing Base included

SE+ Version

  • 16-cm spiral resonator installed at widebander and bass-midrange driver both parallel and in series
  • Added Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature
  • Added Harmonix RF 5700 Tuning Bases to widebander
  • One more Bybee Quantum Purifier added, now directly placed before positive driver terminal
  • Duelund pure Tinned Copper Foil main capacitor for widebander
  • Mundorf Silver Gold Oil capacitor for rear tweeter
  • 3 Lessloss Firewall for speakers filters installed
  • C37 lacquer on rear side of wood cone and inner side of voice coil former
  • Swing Base included

Customer's testimonial:

“…The W11 is a phenomenal speaker but the W13 beats it on every level. I have the SE now and the difference in detail, timing and musicality to the standard version (of W11) is dramatic. I didn’t think it was possible to outdo what is a stunning speaker but it does. Then there’s the bass. The W13 goes much lower and has so much power on tap that bass is effortless. It reveals texture in bass that was missing before, and has amazing scale and authority. It integrates beautifully with the mid and treble, unlike separate subs I’ve tried in the past. All things are relative though, I wasn’t unhappy with the W11, quite the opposite, and that’s why I wanted to try the W13. A significant investment yes, but a significant upgrade.” Richard Lowe, UK