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Boenicke W8 Loudpseakers

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Best summed up by Chris Thomas in hifi+:

“…Voices are a total stand out too. Anyone who loves vocals, be they solo or massed, is going to be blown away by what they hear. The sense of voices being suspended in the air is superb and the classic singer-songwriter with sparse accompaniment speaks in such a intimate, personal and eloquent way that it’s precious and indeed memorable. Add strings to the mix and the W8SE+will again wow you. Something very special happens to bowed instruments through the Boenicke W8 SE+…”

Standard Version: Height adjustable felt-pad footers
Optional silver or black mat powder coated SwingBase feet in the rear, bronze / steel roller bearing in the front.

Standard Version

  • 6.5″ long throw bass driver, tuned to 28 Hz, running without crossover
  • 4″ custom-made paper cone bass-midrange driver, 1st order low pass filter, no high pass filter, apple tree phase plug, maple wood cone mounted to magnet
  • 3″ widebander, 1st order high pass filter, unique 8-cm electromechanical parallel spiral resonator installed
  • Internal wiring orientation-optimised silk-wrapped high-frequency stranded litz
  • WBT NextGen binding posts
  • Rear ambient tweeter

SE Version

  • 16-cm parallel resonator at widebander
  • Added 16-cm parallel resonator to bass-midrange driver
  • Added latest generation Bybee Quantum Purifiers
  • Added proprietary phase linearization network
  • Added Duelund Tinned Copper Foil 0.01 uF bypass capacitor
  • Swing Base included

SE+ Version

  • 16-cm spiral resonator installed at widebander and bass-midrange driver both parallel and in series
  • Added Steinmusic Speaker Match Signature
  • Added Harmonix Tuning Bases to widebander
  • Mundorf Silver Gold Oil main capacitor for widebander with Duelund Tinned Copper Foil 0.01 uF bypass capacitor
  • Mundorf Silver Gold Oil capacitor for rear tweeter
  • Swing Base included


Choose from walnut, oak, ash, core ash and cherry