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Fyne Audio F500SP Bookshelf Speaker

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Building on the multi-award winning F500 Series, the F500 SP Series is a unique range of UK built Special Production models blending the refinements of F700 Series technology with the classic F500 Series cabinet design. The result is Fyne's most affordable ‘premium’ loudspeaker range, boasting high end components and patented acoustic technology crafted into conventional parallel sided cabinets, hand built and finished in their Glasgow factory.

The IsoFlare drivers in the F500 SP series are direct derivatives of the high end, point source units designed for the F700 Series. High powered compression tweeters with neodymium motors and multi-fibre LF cones deliver true isotropic radiation with an extremely flat frequency response out to over 30kHz. Dynamic, powerful and incredibly natural sounding, these exceptional point source drivers bring music alive with breathtaking details and class-leading imaging.

Further refining the F500 cabinets, the SP models integrate the more advanced BassTrax LF porting system from Fyne’s F700 and flagship F1 Series. This includes the double layer metal sandwich plinth and tractrix profile diffuser cone, designed to deliver the smoothest LF response and easy room integration. Adding a touch of classical luxury, the F500 SP models are also available finished in piano gloss lacquered walnut veneer.