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Glass Animals - Dreamland [Vinyl LP]

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Glass Animals - Dreamland - 12" Vinyl LP Record

1LP on 180g Audiophile Black Vinyl


A1    Dreamland
A2    Tangerine
A3    ((Home Movie: 1994))
A4    Hot Sugar
A5    ((Home Movie: BTX))
A6    Space Ghost Coast To Coast
A7    Tokyo Drifting
A8    Melon And The Coconut
A9    Your Love (Déjà Vu)

B1    Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth
B2    It's All So Incredibly Loud
B3    ((Home Movie: Rockets))
B4    Domestic Bliss
B5    Heat Waves
B6    ((Home Movie: Shoes On))
B7    Helium

2020 Wolf Tone Release
UPC: 0602508833625