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Innuos ZEN Mk3

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For music lovers who want to enjoy large music libraries with a dedicated server and CD storage device delivering Hi-Fi quality. The ZEN Mk3 provides another leap in sound quality compared to the ZENmini with its integrated dual-linear PSU, isolated dual-ethernet ports and asymmetrical anti-vibration feet. The ZEN Mk3 represents new value for money in digital audio performance.

"There are many companies that offer music servers, often based on standard motherboards and run-of-the-mill housings. Innuos is not one of those. They use their own motherboard, housing and firmware all designed for low noise - both acoustically and electrically. And it's versatile, does LMS, UPnP, Sonos and Roon. Yep, also Roon Core." - The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel

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