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JBL TT350 Classic Turntable

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JBL TT350 Classic turntable has been released alongside SA550 and CD350 models in a range of beautiful retro-modern components. This 70’s style turntable has a walnut veneered chassis as well as a heavy die-cast aluminium platter. It is a two speed unit with adjustable damped feet. This makes it easy to sit the turntable on an uneven surface and is designed to ensure vibrations are not transferred to the cartridge. This is a mid-range turntable from a company with true pedigree

The TT350 is JBL’s first turntable. All modern components have been given a retro look with an S-shaped metal tonearm. The unit comes with an Audio Technica MM cartridge. The head shell is removable and the cartridge can be upgraded easily as there is a vertical tracking angle adjustment (VTA). A tinted hinged dust cover completes the classic look. The TT350 is a great companion to the high-performance phono preamplifier in JBL’s matching amplifier or indeed any good phono stage.

A direct drive motor means no belts to replace and the speed can be locked more precisely. The TT350 has a speed sensor to regulate the motor. Moreover, direct drive turntables come up to speed much more quickly than belt driven units. They are also more free spinning making it easier for the motor control to maintain the speed. A thick and heavy plater also tends to resist any speed variations.