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Linn LP12 Service

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First we will chat to you about the performance of your deck and what if anything you feel may be lacking. Then we'll have a good listen to it.

The next stage is a full strip down, nuts and bolts, leaving only the wooden plinth in the jig.

Your LP12 will then be rebuilt using Linn Factory supplied service parts - Full suspension components, drive belt, appropriate bearing lubricant depending on which bearing is fitted, motor mounting domes and bolts. The arm bearings will be checked and the cartridge examined for potential wear under our microscope.

During the service all aspects of the deck will be examined and if anything other than standard service if required then you will be advise before anything further is done. 

Lastly, a set up and final listening session before you are invited to collect your fully serviced LP12. On collection you will also be handed all of the old parts that were replaced so you may get an idea of how your LP12 goes together.

We are happy to take some photographs on request of your LP12 during the service process so you may show your friends the inner workings of your cherished turntable.