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Max Richter - Waltz With Bashir OST [Vinyl LP]

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Max Richter - Waltz With Bashir OST - 12" Vinyl LP Record

2LP of 45RPM Black Vinyl in Gatefold Sleeve


A1    Max Richter –    Boaz and the Dogs
A2    Max Richter –    Organum
A3    Max Richter –    The Haunted Ocean 1
A4    Max Richter –    JSB/RPG

B1    Max Richter –    Shadow Journal
B2    OMD –    Enola Gay
B3    Max Richter –    The Haunted Ocean 2
B4    Max Richter –    Taxi and APC

C1    Max Richter –    Any Minute Now/Thinking Back
C2    Max Richter –    I Swam Out to Sea/Return
C3    Max Richter –    Patchouli Oil and Karate
C4    Max Richter –    What Had They Done?
C5    Max Richter –    Into the Airport Hallucination
C6    Max Richter –    The Slaughterhouse

D1    Max Richter –    The Haunted Ocean 3
D2    Max Richter –    Into the Camps
D3    Max Richter –    The Haunted Ocean 4
D4    Max Richter –    Andante/Reflection (end title)
D5    Max Richter –    The Haunted Ocean 5 (solo version)

2020 Deutsche Grammophon Reissue
UPC: 0028948384549