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MOON 850P Reference Preamplifier

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State-of-the-Art Dual-Chassis Reference Balanced Preamplifier, the MOON 850P is the most advanced MOON preamplifier, this is the ‘Holy Grail’ of analogue audio design.

Extensive research and development during design, coupled with recent advancements in electronic parts and a move to further in-house manufacturing have allowed the MOON team the opportunity to keep the 850P at the top of the ladder in the pure analogue sector of the high-end hifi market. It may very well be the most transparent, quietest, most accurate and uncoloured preamplifier ever built, a strong claim but hearing is believing.

The MOON 850P must be heard to be believed. Our biggest challenge with this product is making sure that the listener always gets the chance to enjoy it with a system that can sit at the same standard. We would suggest you audition an 850P together with a MOON 780Dv2 or 810LP as the source and MOON 860 v2 or 888 as the power amplification. With these partnering products you will rejoice in musical enlightenment.

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