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NuPrime Omnia SW-8 Network Switch

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The Omnia SW-8 is a high-end 8-port gigabit Ethernet Network Switch that improves the network performance by reducing signal noise. Errors in the network cause data packets to be resent and degrade network performance. By reducing circuit and power supply noise, and using a customized TCXO clock, the Omnia SW-8 delivers an accurate network signal that ensures stable music data transmission. The sound quality of a high-end audio system with a connected ethernet cable is also slightly improved with the reduction in ethernet signal noise.

"But when I hung the two devices on the NuPrime SW-8 switch, I was really amazed. The voice of my favourite sizzler Katie Melua does not become velvety, which is simply due to the recording. But it’s no longer so aggressive and sharp in my ears. And I hear more fine ramifications and more breaths in her voice. The strings also play more silky and better resolved. Overall, the music seems to me to be calmer, you can describe it as “analogue” if you like ... The NuPrime Omnia SW-8 brings the existing digital components a step forward. And is therefore a worthwhile investment for the streaming enthusiast." - Bernd Weber, HiFi-IFAs

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