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Opera Consonance Wax Engine Turntable

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The new Wax Engine from Opera Consonance has been updated to include the "Zero Clearance" platter bearing, designed in cooperation with their Well Tempered Lab partners. Here, a spindle rotates in a teflon thrust bearing with a triangular hole. The apex of the triangle is orientated towards the high-quality Mabuchi motor. This arrangement results in vanishingly low friction and noise, and a high degree of stability.

The tonearm is a new aluminium tonearm with cotton fibre internal damping. Supported by a newly designed bearing system with precision machined cups encapsulating four tapered shafts in a gimbal fashion to control vibration and resonance in both vertical and horizontal motion, whilst allowing secure tracking with even the most demanding of recordings. All this is mounted on an aluminium "T" section chassis with high-quality isolation feet.

Can be factory-fitted with a Charisma Eco moving coil cartridge.

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