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Studio Connections - Black Star Power Cable

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Power Cables deliver energy. But, more importantly, they link to all powered components. This makes them central in contributing (or otherwise), to the core stability and low noise quality of a system. By providing good linkage and minimising injection and proliferation of component power supply related noise is how mains cables really makes a difference, and where Black Star excels.

In other words, it is not by trying to counter the gremlins in the AC that comes from street and power station that cables can help – put a single output filter on the incoming of your system to do that. It is how each component in the system relates to the system as a whole that makes a difference and it is here that mains cables really come to the fore.

The Black Star cable range has been developed to work a system at its optimum in order to get audio at its best; and getting the power cabling and distribution right has always been at the heart of this.

By reducing the impact of interaction between component power units in a system, and reducing the impact of circulating (eddy) currents and the AC field on the audio ground plane, Black Star lowers the stochastic background noise. Even slightly lower noise levels opens up the window of definition and can dramatically increase resolution. And it is in the finer resolution that details reside. This is how Black Star allows great recordings to play with all the atmosphere and character that was captured when they were laid down.