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Studio Connections - Reference Plus Digital Interconnects

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Studio Connections’ Reference Plus Digital cable is well proven: at the world renowned Olympic Studios, a competitor’s 6m AES cable was struggling with a 192Khz AES single. When the engineer replaced it with a 40m roll of Studio Connections Reference Digital cable, the producer found the results perfect, illustrating the extraordinarily fast, detailed reproduction you get with Studio Connections cable.

This ultimate performance cable has excellent phase coherence, low capacitance and high speed of propagation resulting in it being a very ‘fast’ cable. This preserves the digital signal to give absolute clarity and a true audio image.

Reference Plus Digital Interconnect cables are available as an AES balanced type with XLR connectors, as an SPDIF single ended type, terminated with RCA connectors, or with BNC-BNC or BNC-RCA terminations.