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Sumiko RS78 Stylus

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Sumiko is excited to be introducing the long-awaited RS78 stylus for 78rpm discs. The RS78 stylus is a true treat for vintage recording enthusiasts. This stylus grants listeners the ability to spin classic 10" 78 RPM records without damaging the record’s physical properties. The RS78 can be installed on the Rainier, Olympia, and Moonstone Moving Magnet cartridges, and allows owners of these fantastic cartridges to easily playback 78 RPM shellac recordings safely and with great care.

Considerations for 78rpm Records

Sumiko advises to not play 78rpm records with a diamond stylus as they are intended to track the microgrooves of 33s and 45s, as it will sound poor and cause undue harm to the disc (and potentially the cartridge). Sumiko have developed RS78 for this very reason. The stylus tracks the grooves properly and reduces the risk of harm to vinyls. Rainier, Olympia & Moonstone are stereo-moving magnet phono cartridges meaning that their normal job is to transcribe two channels (left and right) of musical information. When using RS78 with any of these cartridges, what you’ll hear is the one channel of musical information (mono) of the 78 in both stereo channels. For audiophile purposes, as it pertains to 78s, a true mono cartridge with a 78-appropriate stylus delivers the highest quality sonics.

Hand-Crafted in Japan

From Oyster to Reference, each Sumiko phono cartridge is crafted by hand in Yokohama, Japan — near the waters where the namesake Oysters dwell. Sumiko have selected the finest materials that combine to deliver performance that has enlightened generations of listeners. Each design is thoroughly auditioned until perfected. Production is then executed by world-class cartridge makers with a collective eye for precision and quality. The result is a full horizon of cartridges eager to introduce themselves to your analogue system — we firmly believe there’s a perfect cartridge for you here.

This product is the Stylus Only, for use with Rainier, Olympia & Moonstone cartridge bodies.