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VPI Prime 21 Plus Turntable

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Looking for even better performance? Upgrade to the Prime 21+

The Prime 21+ has the addition of a VPI Shyla MC cartridge (custom-made by Audio Technica) and a VPI Weisline tonearm cable (manufactured by Nordost).

The multi-award-winning VPI Prime was the starting point for the development of the Prime 21. With a host of new improvements and added features, this new turntable promises even better sonic performance and a user-friendly experience.

All the assembly tools are provided in the box and there’s even an instructional video if you’re looking for help. You can be set up and ready for music in 20min!


  • New aluminium top plate that braces the chassis to deaden unwanted vibrations.
  • All-new 3D-printed tonearm pre-mounted.
  • Uni-pivot of earlier Prime models replaced by a new gimbal system.
  • Same feet as in VPI’s anniversary edition HW-40 turntable, promising supreme balance and dampening
  • The Weisline tonearm cable, created in partnership with Nordost, received the Editor’s Pick badge from Audiograde. Read the review here.


  • 12” Aluminum platter
  • 10” 3D Gimbal Arm Standard Wire
  • VTA Base on The Fly
  • Shyla Cartridge
  • 1.2m Weisline Cable


All turntables benefit from a 5-year warranty.

Awards & Reviews


What Hi-Fi – Prime 21+: Best record players 2022

The Prime was voted Best turntables of What Hi-Fi’s lifetime