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VPI Titan Direct Turntable

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VPI has reached new levels of engineering performance and definition in their recent award-winning Avenger Direct turntable! They have now taken that base Direct Drive technology and elevated it into their Titan turntable design.

Retaining the original BLDC motor components, VPI focused on the mechanical implementation of the most current usable motors and technology. Working with their engineers and long-term machine partners, they have implemented that technology in different and more efficient ways.

Featuring air-suspension isolation footers, additional resonance cancelling chassis design, their acclaimed 12" Fatboy Gimbal Tonearm and VTA, and more. The Titan and all Avenger class VPI tables have the ability to mount up to 3 tonearms at any length or manufacturer brand. The Titan Direct stands out from its predecessor the Avenger Direct with the use of its magnetic direct drive system and the addition of even more mass!

The Titan Direct is an industrial design statement turntable. VPI has learned from all Direct Drive tables and isolation/material science of 45 years of experience. Their efforts continue to raise the bar on performance standards while embracing a pure love of music. This is American engineering at its finest brought to you by dedicated and passionate workers who love what they do!