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VPI Vanquish Turntable

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The state-of-the-art Vanquish from VPI is an updated version of the limited-edition "The Vanquish" turntable created by VPI founder Harry Weisfeld. This new model incorporates the latest advancements in Direct Drive Technology, including the HW-40 Direct Drive motor, and has been fine-tuned with refinements in motion control circuitry and software, material selection, and vibration isolation technology by VPI Engineering. The Vanquish is not just any Direct Drive turntable - it is a Magnetic Direct Drive Turntable.

The Vanquish features the signature VPI Reference tripod design, allowing for the mounting of up to three tonearms of any length, type, or brand, as VPI believes that tonearms are a personal and subjective choice for listeners. The turntable is equipped with the latest in high-resolution 3D technology and includes a VPI Fatboy tonearm (available in Uni-pivot or Gimbal bearing) - VPI's first 14" 3D-printed tonearm that offers both rigidity and resonance-cancelling capabilities. The Vanquish is available with all lengths of tonearm (9, 10, 12, 14 inches) at no extra cost.

The Vanquish also boasts a specially designed armboard that provides additional isolation for the tonearm. The power supply and motor controls have been relocated outside the unit for enhanced shielding and reduced noise.

The Vanquish is paired with the VPI Vanquish Stand, which shares the sleek design and materials of the award-winning VPI Avenger Series Turntable. The stand has machined openings in the back to easily hide cables, and provides ample space to add a line stage. All components come together to form a visually stunning and sonically superior turntable.

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