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VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Direct Drive Turntable

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Forty years ago Harry Weisfeld founded VPI Industries with a goal of improving how we hear and play records. The VPI HW 40th Anniversary Direct Drive is a highly efficient turntable, drawing from the style of some of VPI’s and other historic turntable designs to deliver a future classic.

The combination of materials takes the best from the last 4 decades with precision machined aluminium, tactile real wood & 3D printing, there is even a clear hinged dust cover!

Key features:

  • Direct Drive Motor with advanced motion control
  • 12 Inch ‘Fatboy' Gimbal​ Tonearm with 'VTA Base on the Fly’
  • Heritage styling
  • Fully Wired with Nordost Reference Wire
  • Dustcover Included​
  • Soft touch 0/33/45 buttons control
  • Internal Circuitry and Power
  • Made in the USA


  • Chassis Composition: Aluminum and Solid Black Walnut (Stained)
  • Platter Type & Size: 12″ Aluminum Platter, 25LBS
  • Tonearm Included: JMW-12- Fatboy Gimbal
  • Motor Type: Direct Drive
  • Motor Torque: 2.68 Nm/sec
  • Star/Stop Time: 1 Second
  • Speed Monitoring: 2,500 pulses/revolution
  • Footprint: 21¾” x 16 ¾”
  • Overall Size: 22″ x 17″ x 10″