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Watson's Record Cleaning Machine

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A Record Cleaning Machine doesn't do all the work for you, but it significantly simplifies the process.

Watson's Record Cleaning Machine, however, takes simplicity to a new level without breaking the bank. Once you experience it, you'll wonder why you didn't have it sooner – it's a true game-changer.

This machine provides a stable platform for your vinyl, making it a breeze to apply the Record Cleaning Fluid. Whether you're using the included brush, you won't experience any slowdown or slippage. The drying process, handled by powerful suction, efficiently completes in just two rotations.

Crafted with durability in mind, Watson's Record Cleaning Machine features a robust aluminum body that forms a solid foundation for all its components. The platter is designed to be smaller than the record, preventing any moisture mishaps. Thanks to the heavy-duty bearing, the platter rotates smoothly and securely under pressure.

The included record clamp attaches securely to the threaded spindle, holding your disc firmly in place without risk of slippage. Its counter-clockwise fastening ensures added security under pressure, all while safeguarding your record label from moisture.

The provided vacuum arm, designed for 12-inch vinyl, includes replaceable felt strips to protect your records from abrasion. You can adjust the vacuum strength with a convenient control knob.

Using Watson's is as easy as it gets. Place your record on the platter, secure it with the clamp, and start the platter rotation. Apply the cleaning fluid evenly with the brush without exerting pressure. After a few rotations, apply gentle pressure with the brush, and the brush, in tandem with the fluid, will take care of the cleaning. Once you're satisfied, flip the switch to activate the vacuum, which will swiftly remove dirt and debris within two rotations. Turn off the vacuum first, and the vacuum arm will lift automatically. Finally, switch off the platter rotation, remove your clean record, and indulge in the superb sound.